Blogger of the Month: Karessa Karas



Like many Second Life fashion brands, Slipper Originals counts on its bloggers to help promote and advertise the amazing products we release for Second Life residents. Slipper Originals is particularly blessed. We have a team of talented, dedicated bloggers who do their best to show each Slipper Originals product they receive in the best light possible. Without them, this would be… Well.. Hard. However, their dedication to their craft and the brand has also inspired Slipper Originals founder EllePolygon to institute an official “Blogger of the Month” in hopes of thanking the fabulous blogging team and showing the rest of Second Life the sort of amazing talent that helps to bring Slipper Originals to the public.

Elle had a lot to look through, but she finally decided. Say hello to our newest official blogger of the month–the beautiful Karessa Karas!



Karessa has been blogging for about two and a half years, but joined the Slipper Originals team in February 2017. She’s been an active member of the Slipper Originals blogging team ever since, and says that her favorite thing about blogging for Slipper is the casual, simple, and fun style. This can all be seen in Karessa’s beautiful photography featuring Slipper Originals products.

32516567453_919fd809c1_o (1)

Karessa clearly has fun with her blogging, and says that she would encourage other bloggers to do the same.

“If you can’t find the picture, wait a few days. Inspiration comes and goes. There is always a moment and a landscape that is ideal for each photo,” said Karessa. “Be patient. Every day, you will learn something new.”

This blog post features only a small sampling of some of Karessa’s favorite photos featuring Slipper Originals products. For more information, you can follow Karessa’s blogging and photography adventures just like we do!

Follow Karessa on Flickr.
Read Karessa’s Blog.








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