Slipper Originals @ Designer Circle 150!

Slipper Originals is at the 150th round of Designer Circle. That’s right, everyone. 150 rounds of Designer Circle! In celebration of that, Slipper will not only be offering the awesome Luna sandals with our iconic 16-color customization HUD, but also a gift to commemorate this special round!

The Luna sandals come with everything you need to maximize your star power this summer, and you can customize them to match any outfit you want to wear!

Slipper - Luna Sandals

If you’re not sure what to wear, pair our awesome Luna sandals with the cute spaghetti-strap crop that Slipper is offering as our gift to you to commemorate the 150th round of Designer Circle, available during the event. This stylish top is perfect for a day in the sun!

Slipper - DC 150 Gift

Pick up your Slipper Originals items at Designer Circle here.

You can also find out more about Slipper Originals by watching this blog, or by checking out the following links:

Slipper Originals In-World Store Location
Slipper Originals on the Marketplace
Slipper Originals on Facebook
Slipper Originals on Flickr


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