Slipper Originals @ The Hipster Fair!

That’s right! All you cool cats who are hip to the latest SL trends need not worry, because Slipper Originals is at the Hipster Fair! Slipper is offering two new exclusives for the fair, as well as a fun bazaar box item and a gacha set of adorable must-have hats perfect for the coming warm weather!


Everyone needs a stylish new sandal in their life. This heeled sandal comes with Slipper Originals’ signature color HUD, which means that you can customize your new shoes to match just about any outfit you want to wear!


Another exclusive for the Hipster Fair is the “Prairie” sandal – perfect for those of us who want a bit more casual look. Customize these flats with the included HUD, and you can wear them all summer long!


Blame it on your Gypsy soul when you grab this fun framed piece from Slipper’s bazaar box at the Hipster Fair.


We all love a good head accessory, right? Play on Slipper’s gacha machine at the Hipster Fair and you’ll get 2 hats with each pull. These super-cute patterned designs are a must-have for any wardrobe!


Ready to get your shopping on? Click here for a ride to the Hipster Fair.


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