Slipper Originals in MODE

Slipper Mag ad.png

Slipper Originals’ ad in Mode – the Eliza shoe modeled and photographed by Beuanna Resident.


Check Slipper out in February’s issue of MODE SL Magazine. One of Slipper’s very own bloggers is the star of this month’s ad, featuring the Eliza shoe.

Beuanna has been blogging for Slipper Originals for just under a year. Prior to blogging for Slipper Originals, Beuanna had never done anything like this before. Her photos aren’t edited with outside software, either. She wants everyone to see in her photos exactly what they will be purchasing in Second Life, and only makes use of in-world lighting and windlights to add shadows and drama to her shots.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Beuanna and her photography, check out her blog or her Flickr for more awesome photos.

You can also our ad in Mode‘s February issue!


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