Slipper Blogger Spotlight: Milena Inaka


photo courtesy of Milena Inaka
originally posted here.

Slipper Originals is blessed to have a dedicated and talented team of bloggers working behind the scenes to help promote the brand to the SL public. In light of that, we wanted to take the time to recognize our bloggers by giving one of them some spotlight for a few weeks.

Our first blogger spotlight is Milena Inaka.

Milena has only been blogging for Slipper for a few months, but she’s been blogging in SL for about five years… and just look at that beautiful photo featuring THREE Slipper Originals shoes!

Milena says she loves creating stories with her outfits and her photos. When she’s not blogging and taking beautiful pictures, she models with Mahasia Models. In her free time, she loves to visit different landmarks in Second Life, dance her heart out, and teach photography to others.

Interested in learning more about Milena?

Milena’s Blog
Milena’s Flickr
Milena’s Facebook

Thank you, Milena, for your beautiful work, and for helping to promote the Slipper Originals brand!

Stay tuned to the Slipper Originals blog for more new releases and another blogger spotlight in two weeks!


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